Aug 17, 2020

FTC’s Contact Lens Rule Final Ruling

The FTC’s final Contact Lens Rule is now published in the Federal Register. The rule is effective October 16, 2020.

The FTC is publishing a final rule to implement amendments to the Contact Lens Rule. These amendments require that prescribing eye care practitioners obtain a confirmation of prescription release from patients after releasing a contact lens prescription and maintain each such acknowledgment for a period of not less than three years. The Commission is permitting prescribers to comply with automatic prescription release via electronic delivery in certain circumstances. Further, these amendments specify a time period for prescribers to respond to requests for prescriptions; clarify and institute additional requirements for automated telephone verification messages; more precisely delineate what constitutes unlawful alteration of a prescription; and require that sellers provide a method for, and notice of the method for, patient prescription presentation.

You can read the ruling in full here.