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Jul 29, 2016

Will Your Candidate Fight Against Crony Capitalism or Join In?

By S.C. Sherman –

The Democrat and Republican conventions are in the books.  Bernie and Cruz are history…Hillary and Trump are set to battle it out to November. It’s hard not to be disgusted after watching the chicanery that goes along with the conventions. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican. Chances are… you’re frustrated. If you’re a Democrat, you might be horrified to have watched your beloved Bernie, climb into bed with Hillary. If you’re a Republican, you might be mortified that you have a guy like Trump as your candidate.

Both the Republican and Democrat National Conventions are full of lofty rhetoric and promises that will never be. Each side is polling and strategizing every optic moment. Politics in 140 characters or less. Hashtags and LOL’s! Our nation seems positioned more than ever before on the razors edge.

I heard both sides speak out against corruption and what it might take to get our economy bouncing again. That’s why I am guardedly hopeful that something might get done in the name of capitalism. One of the most insidious sides of politics and business is when they come together in the dark of night and rig the game. It doesn’t take the Russians or bunch of hacked emails to figure out that Crony Capitalism is the enemy of freedom. Both sides are guilty of it to some degree or another.

If your candidate of choice is a Democrat or Republican, now would be a fine time them to lay into corruption. The people will eat it up and the nation will be better for it.

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