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Oct 3, 2017

Montana Senators Should Fight for Consumer Choice

By Jon Knokey –

As a state representative, I have a responsibility to protect my constituents’ consumer rights from unfair business practices. Government should ensure an even playing field for its citizens; an arena where perseverance and hard work is rewarded, where competition flourishes.

Unfortunately, forces in Washington are attempting to use the federal appropriations process to limit retail options for some 41 million contact lens consumers. Special interests are trying to change a Federal Trade Commission contact lens rule to tilt the balance away from consumer interests, competition and customer choice and unfairly benefit those who seek to sell more contact lenses directly to their patients.

Recognizing the unique nature of the contact lens market, in which eye care providers write prescriptions and fill them, Congress passed the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA). This law requires eye care providers to automatically provide patients with contact lens prescriptions, ensuring consumers are free to purchase contacts wherever they’d like, based on price and convenience. By maintaining choice, the law boosts innovation and drives down costs. Free market always wins.

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