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Apr 28, 2016

You Don’t Need Glasses to See Why New Contact Lens Bill Stinks

Everyone who’s ever found themselves in a “captive audience” situation at an airport, movie theater or sporting event knows how sky-high prices get jacked up on food and drink.  Indeed, you’re more likely to choke on seeing the cost of a hot dog than the hot dog itself!

But what I didn’t know until recently was that the same “captive audience” situation exists for people who need contact lenses.

You see, when you go to a regular doctor and they give you a written prescription, you walk out of the doctor’s office and can take that prescription anywhere you choose.  Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid.  Walmart or Target.  Costco or Sam’s Club.  A number of grocery stores.  And all manner of online pharmacies.

But a curious thing happens when you go to an optometrist.

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