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Apr 13, 2016

Crony Capitalism is Rocking it in the Contact Lens Industry

As if it’s not bad enough that you drew the DNA short straw and can’t see without correction, now the government, the eye doctors, and the contact lens manufacturers are frolicking in bed together at your expense.

The contact lens industry is a “rigged game”.

Where else in health care can you prescribe a product you sell to a patient at your mercy? Nowhere else of course.

Where else can manufacturers of a product set up cozy relationships with doctors to shut out competition and enrich each other the most? Again…nowhere.

Where else can you get a willing accomplice found in a US Senator to do your bidding and draft legislation to keep the salacious relationship going? Don’t answer that.

We’ve got trouble…right here in River City. If you have bad eyes it may be a blessing so you don’t see all the collusion going on between the most powerful companies and politicians in the world all to defraud you of your hard earned cash. If you have bad eyes you are a captive customer. You have to have the product. It’s not a choice. It says corrective lenses on your government issued driver’s license.

It would be nice if you could log onto the internet and order yourself some contacts no questions asked, wouldn’t it? Yes, it would, but that doesn’t allow all the right people to profit. Get with the program, you are here to pay for much more than soft contacts…you must support good old fashioned graft.

Here’s the scoop. The major manufacturers of contact lenses have formed a coalition with the American Optometrist Association, called Hydra. Sorry, just kidding. It is actually called the Coalition of Patient Vision Care Safety. Sounds nice, huh? Well it’s not. They have formed a cabal to control the price and access to the entire contact lens industry, it should be called, The Coalition To Take Advantage of The Blurry Eyed.

My ancestor who wrote the Sherman Anti-trust laws is rolling over about this, for sure.

The coalition has also climbed into bed with their ugly cousin, the government. The interbreeding stems from Republican Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy. Yes…a Republican masquerading as a free marketer while increasing the size and scope of government. He recently put forth legislation to keep the good times rolling for everyone involved, other than the person with bad eyesight. His bill deceptively named, The Contact Lens Health Protection Act of 2016.

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