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Apr 12, 2016

Cassidy Bill Could Limit Consumer Rights in Eye Care

Consumers could have their eye care choices limited, if a bill introduced last night by Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) becomes law. The medical doctor turned politician, Cassidy, is likely to introduce a bill, at the behest of eye doctors, that will allow the blocking of sales and shipping of contact lenses to patients if an eye doctor says the prescription in invalid or inaccurate. Consumers will be unable to purchase their contact lenses after such a declaration regarding the prescription by an eye doctor.

The legislation would place restrictions on contact lens sellers in a number of areas that would limit how they can receive and communicate with doctors on the prescriptions for patients. These restrictions will simply serve to limit customer choices in the purchasing of contact lenses. Supporters of the bill claim it will address issues regarding prescription verification and alleged deceptive sales tactics by internet-based sellers of contact lenses.

One of the restrictions requires that contact lens sellers furnish eye doctors with a “working toll-free number” and an e-mail address for communication. In reality, the problem is usually one of prescribing eye doctors not getting back to the sellers regarding prescriptions. Another restriction in the bill prohibits some types of calls to eye doctors to verify prescriptions, which puts the power in the hands of the doctor to mandate how a seller will communicate with the prescriber. The bill also empower the Federal Trade Commission to harass companies that sell contact lens products. All of these restrictions will only cause limits in consumer choices for contact lens purchases.

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