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Aug 20, 2016

“Awesome” Capitalism is ALWAYS Poisoned When You Add THIS

By S.C. Sherman –

Capitalism is awesome. It’s the foundation of our American society. The drive and ingenuity to create business drives our nation through good times and bad. Something in our DNA makes many Americans dream of owning their own businesses. Even with all the obstacles, the opportunity is still realized by many.

The dark side of capitalism turns otherwise good businesses into corruptible giants of greed.

When friendly competition amongst competitors isn’t enough, crony capitalists turn to government to legislate things their way. They usually make up a cool name to go along with it. For example, something like The Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety.

With a great sounding name big business can team up with government to crush capitalism and disguise it as something wonderful. This name implies that this group is all about the patient. The little guy. The average person with bad eyes can count on this coalition to protect their vision care and keep them safe. Right? Safe from who?

The Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety is driven by two forces. Johnson & Johnson and the American Optometry Association(AOA). Do you think when the largest manufacturer of contact lenses teams up with the largest organization representing eye doctors to pressure government to pass certain legislation it is going to be all about the little guy? Sadly NO.

These two in bed together should be called…The Coalition to Crush the Free Market or The Coalition Against Cheap Contacts or how about The Coalition to Spread Lies Falsehoods and Bad Legislation. Once you try naming some of these groups with the name that tells the truth about them, it can be kind of fun.

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